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SKILCRAFT Bio-based XLD Laundry Detergent

Skilcraft Bio-based Xld Laundry Detergent

65.23 USD
Bio-based laundry detergent powder with color-safe bleach is created from a formulation produced from coconut as well as palm kernel oil. Freshly scented, powdered washing detergent will keep your clothes brilliant and your whites white while leaving them smelling clean and fresh. Formulated to straightaway start dissolving even in water...

SKILCRAFT Laser, Inkjet Print Copy & Multipurpose Paper

Skilcraft Laser, Inkjet Print Copy & Multipurpose Paper

70.72 USD
Ream-wrapped copy paper is available in an ergonomically designed, reclosable box. The 2, 500 sheets are packed in reams. The package is ideal for spaces ranging from little business cubicles to big message clinics and weighs about only 25 lb. This environmentally responsible packaging is made 100 percent from recycled...

SKILCRAFT Sealed Air Jiffylite Bubble Mailers

Skilcraft Sealed Air Jiffylite Bubble Mailers

84.19 USD
Bubble-lined mailers offer excellent cushioning protection for semi-fragile things. Fully laminated Kraft and air cellular building make it puncture-resistant and water-resistant. Printable double Kraft substance is needed on the exterior of every mailer. Self-adhesive flap closure stretches the whole width of the envelope and demands no moistening to seal. Seamless...