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Silikomart Flexible Silicone Non-Stick Cylinder Bakeware Mold 3 Oz, 2.36

Silikomart Flexible Silicone Non-stick Cylinder Bakeware Mold 3 Oz, 2.36" Dia. X 1.38" Deep, 8 Cavities

18.95 USD
Silikomart Flexible Bakeware Cylinder Mold, 8 Cavities nbsp nbsp Silikomart adaptable silicone baking molds in cylinder forms are ideal for baked, chilled and frozen dishes. Made of unbelievably flexible food-safe silicone, these pans have a naturally non-stick finish which peels easily away from foods. Actually the stickiest...

Silikomart Flexible Silicone Non-Stick Flan Baking Mold 1 Oz, 1.97

Silikomart Flexible Silicone Non-stick Flan Baking Mold 1 Oz, 1.97" Dia X 0.55" High, 15 Cavities

14.95 USD
Silikomart Silicone Flan Baking Mold, 15 Cavities With a range of shapes and sizes offered, Silikomart rsquo s range of accommodating silicone baking items will most likely have a thing to suit your needs. Right here in their range of Silicone Flan Baking Molds, we show this particular 15 cavity...


Silikomart "fuoco" Silicone Strip Chocolate Chablon Set

30.95 USD
Silikomart quot Fuoco quot Silicone Strip Set, 35 quot lengthy x.17 quot heavy A strip that will allow you to create perfect and surprising milk chocolate accessories to wrap around your cake or dessert. This particular Set includes Silicone Strip that is marked with the...

Silikomart Flexible Silicone Bakeware Square Savarin Mold 0.54 Oz, 1.37

Silikomart Flexible Silicone Bakeware Square Savarin Mold 0.54 Oz, 1.37" X 1.37" X 0.84" High, 24 Cavities

14.95 USD
Adaptable Silicone Square Savarin Baking Mold, 24 Cavities nbsp Flexible silicone baking pans work effectively with baked and frozen desserts, although they are additionally great for baked and also chilled savory dishes, also. This particular Silikomart Silicone Square Savarin Mold is ideal for canap eacute s or chilled...