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Rochester Medical UltraFlex Self-adhering Catheter 33102 Each

Rochester Medical Ultraflex Self-adhering Catheter 33102 Each

1.49 USD
Rochester Medical 33102 Enhance comfort as well as optimum skin integrity with the UltraFlex Self-Adhering Male External Catheter. It is 100 latex-free and removes the danger of latex-related skin irritations. This particular breathable catheter promotes skin that is healthy and it is very soft for greater patient comfort....

Rochester Medical WideBand Self-Adhering Catheter 36102 Box of 100

Rochester Medical Wideband Self-adhering Catheter 36102 Box Of 100

180.99 USD
Rochester Medical 36102 Prevent the catheter from accidentally detaching going with The WideBand Self-adhering Catheters. It is the brand new standard for male external catheters. For the very first time, adhesive is constructed into practically the whole sheath wall. It has 70 more adhesive location than is found...