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Catalyst Silicone Wedge Tool-Blue W-02

Catalyst Silicone Wedge Tool-blue W-02

8.93 USD
Princeton Art BrushCatalyst Silicone Wedge Tool This Tool Is not Quite A Brush Or maybe A Palette Knife It is Crafted Of Flexible Silicone In order to Allow Artists A brand new Kind of Expression It is Created for Use With Heavy Body Paints Oils Acrylics And WaterMixable Oils May...

White Taklon Real Value Brush Set-4/Pkg

White Taklon Real Value Brush Set-4/pkg

7.81 USD
PRINCETON ART BRUSHReal Value Brush Set Perfect for acrylic watercolor and tempera An outstanding value and the broadest range available for both novice and professional artists Trilingual packaging is a plus Has short and long handle brushes to meet every painting need This 11x214 inch package contains two round brushes...

Select Natural Hair Brush-Round Blender Size 12

Select Natural Hair Brush-round Blender Size 12

9.09 USD
Princeton Art BrushSelect Hair that is natural Brush Round Blender This Series Of Brushes Would be Ideal for Your Decorative And Technique Painting Needs Many different Synthetic And Hair that is natural The Short Handled Select Brushes With Their Distinct Shapes Allow you to Truly Express Your Creativity The SatinFinish...