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Marcoliani Women's Italian Cashmere and Silk KneeHigh Socks One Pair Malachite

Marcoliani Women's Italian Cashmere And Silk Kneehigh Socks One Pair Malachite

88.50 USD
Marcoliani Women's Stunning, Warm Cashmere and Silk Knee High Ribbed Socks Made in Italy are offered in 16 incredible colors. - Cashmere and Silk merge isn't just really softer but additionally durable-our favorite sock - Obtainable in ankle or even knee-high, Machine wash in water that is cold - Comfortably...

Marcoliani Men's Mercerized Cotton Lisle OTC 5x3 Rib Italian Dress Sock- 1 Pair White

Marcoliani Men's Mercerized Cotton Lisle Otc 5x3 Rib Italian Dress Sock- 1 Pair White

29.50 USD
Marcoliani's ExtraFine Cotton Over-the-Calf Standard Rib Dress Sock is produced from UltraFine 2-ply Pima Cotton yarn. Crafted in Milan, by some of Italy's best and most seasoned sock artisans, the glossy, gentle wedge rib is ideal for office wear in addition to being obtainable in some of the much more...

Certified Sea Island Over-The-Calf Socks from Italy One Pair Black

Certified Sea Island Over-the-calf Socks From Italy One Pair Black

48.50 USD
Mens Certified Sea Island Cotton Dress Weight Over-the-Calf Socks Made in Italy. Licensed Sea Island Cotton, for those new to this specific fiber, will be the rarest cotton on the earth. Grown solely in the West Indies, the gentle, full-bodied cotton will be the lengthiest staple in existence. It is...

Marcoliani Men's Over-the-Calf Luxury Cashmere Socks from Italy - RARE - One Pair Ginger

Marcoliani Men's Over-the-calf Luxury Cashmere Socks From Italy - Rare - One Pair Ginger

88.50 USD
Mens Marcoliani Over-the-Calf Cashmere Socks Fashion Rib 80 percent Cashmere/20 percent Nylon Manufactured in Italy can be obtained in Black, Natural, Navy, Charcoal, Grey, Milk, Blue, orange and More - Mostly cashmere with a touch of nylon for durability - A fuller weight for superb warmth and coziness...