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First Aid Only 25-Person Unitized Plastic First Aid Kit - ANSI Compliant

First Aid Only 25-person Unitized Plastic First Aid Kit - Ansi Compliant

43.75 USD
Weatherproof, 25-person first system holds all 18 ANSI-required things and it is created for use in modest offices, automobiles as well as work sites. A listing of contents could be completely affixed inside the lid for quick restocking. The versatile plastic material case includes an easy-to-carry handle and is additionally...

First Aid Only BBP/Personal Protection Kit

First Aid Only Bbp/personal Protection Kit

21.85 USD
Blood-borne pathogen BBP /personal safety package with easy-to-open containers includes two emergency response kits in one to protect both you and also the injured individual. Personal protection package features a CPR face mask, gloves, isolation gown, eye and face shield, biohazard container as well as BZK clean up wipes...