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Royal Cut Pendant Lamp

Royal Cut Pendant Lamp

260.22 USD
Includes 5 ft. chain along with 12 ft. wire. Requires three 40 - 120 watt E12 bulbs. Voltage 110V-125V. Transitional style. Crystal in royal cut as well as clear finish. UL and ULC regular certified. Polished nickel finish. Hanging Weight 6.6 lbs.. 12 in. Dia. X 9 in....

Pendent Light with 5 ft. Chain

Pendent Light With 5 Ft. Chain

1231.44 USD
Demands eight E12 60 watt bulb. Voltage 110V-125V. Optimum Wattage 480. UL and ULC standard approved. Gray silver shade with royal cut trim. Wire 8 ft.. Polished nickel finish. 28 in. Dia. x 15.5 in. H. Born of geometry as art form, the Chelsea has crystal bars...

Traditional 6-Light Dining Room Fixture

Traditional 6-light Dining Room Fixture

850.19 USD
Demands six E12 60 watt bulb. Voltage 110V-125V. Optimum wattage 360. UL and ULC standard approved. Golden teak smoky with royal cut trim. Pewter finish. Chain wire 5 ft.. 23 in. Dia. x 26 in. H. The Rosalia Collection is a stunning and decadent illustration of the...