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Dymo White Heat Shrink Tube

Dymo White Heat Shrink Tube

39.43 USD
White heat shrink tubing provides a high quality way of labeling wires and cables. Just glide the tubing onto the cable as well as shrink well on the cable using a heat gun. Labels will never fall off. The cassette fits into all the Dymo Rhino inkjets including 6500, 6000...

Dymo LetraTag Starter Kit

Dymo Letratag Starter Kit

12.60 USD
LetraTag Starter Kit includes a good roll all of Pearl White paper, Pearl White plastic and clear plastic tape. Label developer tape provides versatile functionality for indoor and light uses. Self-adhesive tape includes an easy-peel, split-back design. Exclusive backing is split down the middle to make separating of the tape...

Wholesale Label Tapes: Discounts on Dymo XTL All-Purpose Vinyl Label Cartridge DYM1868760

Wholesale Label Tapes: Discounts On Dymo Xtl All-purpose Vinyl Label Cartridge Dym1868760

47.00 USD
All-purpose labels include a formidable, vinyl building to safeguard it from moisture, chemical substances plus UV rays. Easy-to-peel, split back allows you to quickly expose the adhesive for basic label application. Winter transfer printing technology shields from smearing and also fading for durable print visibility. Indoor/outdoor labels are ideal for...