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Americana Decor Stencil 12

Americana Decor Stencil 12"x12"-array Of Arrows

7.11 USD
Deco ArtAmericana Decor Stencil Each stencil is laser cut for clean crisp lines Stencils with saying patterns have registration guidebook marks Letter and quantity stencils have baseline markings to ensure accuracy during alignment These stencils may be utilized with any paint or surface product lie flat and therefore are long-lasting...

Americana Gloss Enamels Acrylic Paint 2oz-Indian Turquoise

Americana Gloss Enamels Acrylic Paint 2oz-indian Turquoise

4.98 USD
DECO ARTAmericana Gloss Enamels are available in your preferred Americana styles with a lovely gloss finish No primers or maybe sealers are essential Perfect for brush stencil or even sponge A simple onestep application makes Americana Gloss Enamels a wonderful choice for decorating glass tiles glazed ceramics along with other...

Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint 2oz-Royal Ruby

Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint 2oz-royal Ruby

4.73 USD
DECOARTDazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint An acrylic paint that is created from finely ground metallic flakes These flakes create Dazzling Metallics the brightest greatest covering paint for introducing steel accents to many tasks Dazzling Metallics are on hand in a palette of brilliant glimmering colors from delicate translucent pastels to deep...

Transparent Glass Stain 1oz-Green

Transparent Glass Stain 1oz-green

4.59 USD
DECO ARTTransparent Glass Stain This stain is a high quality transparent stain for glass and plastic It is ideal for filing preformed suncatchers stained glass or clear plastic The stain can be poured over glass or plastic ornaments are selfleveling and clean up with soap and water This package contains...

Metallic Lustre Wax Finish 1oz-Burnished Brass

Metallic Lustre Wax Finish 1oz-burnished Brass

7.91 USD
DECO ARTMetallic Lustre Wax Finish Add a stylish gilded surface to home decor combined media scrapbooking craft and fine art projects Utilize it for full coverage and also accenting Use on wood unglazed ceramics clay newspaper canvas wall space as well as metal This program contains a 1oz container of...

Americana Gloss Enamel Stencils 8

Americana Gloss Enamel Stencils 8"x6"-party Time

7.25 USD
DECO ARTGloss Enamels Stencil Sheet Customize as well as enhance your own personal tasks with stickon stencils These soft and flexible stencils work on glass ceramics wood and much more Designed specifically for curved and flat smooth surfaces This program has a good 8x6 inch stencil sheet with assorted sticker...

Patio Paint 2oz-Larkspur Blue

Patio Paint 2oz-larkspur Blue

5.59 USD
DECOARTPatio Paint Metallics Brighten and energize a whole project or add supercharged highlights to a large one This allpurpose acrylic paint is perfect for home crafts with surfaces such as concrete terra cotta wood masonry stucco stone unglazed ceramics cast aluminum and Styrofoam DecoArt patio paints feature fewer additives excellent...

Patio Paint 2Oz-Daisy Cream

Patio Paint 2oz-daisy Cream

3.99 USD
DecoartPatio Paint Metallics Brighten And Energize A complete Project Or perhaps Add SuperCharged Highlights To A sizable One This AllPurpose Acrylic Paint Is ideal for Home Crafts With Surfaces Like Concrete Terra Cotta Wood Masonry Stucco Stone Unglazed Ceramics Cast Aluminum And Styrofoam Decoart Patio Paints Feature Fewer Additives Excellent...