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Comfort Grip Carbo Titanium Hobby Knife-Gold

Comfort Grip Carbo Titanium Hobby Knife-gold

7.80 USD
Creating You Next Masterpiece Is not difficult When You have The Absolute best Tools In order to Handle Each Stainless Steel Blade Would be Treated To make It Eight Times Harder Than The Competition Blades Will remain Super Sharp And make Smooth Cuts Even After Many years of Use This...

Plastic Ruler 12

Plastic Ruler 12"-zero Centering

5.22 USD
CTHRUDeja Views Zero Centering Ruler Zero centering allows for effortless alignment of photos diecuts and more Holes in the clear plastic ruler can be used for making even stitches and for aligning eyelets or buttons The slit area in ruler is great for parallel line guides for borders or journaling...